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Who We Are

When we opened our doors in 2015, we set out with a goal to be more. Centrally located at Steamboat Island in Olympia, WA, we realized we have a unique opportunity to really make a difference in our community and the surrounding areas. We set out to create a place where people can focus on their total health and wellbeing and enjoy every part of the journey.

Our mission is to support health, happiness, and connection in the community to help everyone live their best lives. We believe everyone should have access to exceptional health and wellness services, and through our holistic approach, we know every person can achieve their goals and become their best selves. Our vision is to bring together a family to support better health in the community.

What We Offer

Our athletic club is designed with you in mind. We have a state of the art fitness facility complete with a functional and strength training area, an indoor pool, and fitness studios for group fitness classes. We know that changing to a healthier lifestyle can be challenging, which is why we provide numerous coaching services and exercise formats to help you be successful. With the support of our expert staff and your peers, you can achieve your health and fitness goals and build new friendships along the way.

We also have a number of services to remove obstacles to better health today. With our warm and welcoming childcare center, you can get to the gym and know your kids are in good hands while you focus on you. Our cafe is stocked full of healthy and delicious choices for you to fuel your workouts or recover from an intense gym session. The locker rooms make it easy to hit the gym right after work and keep your things safely locked up during your workout. After exercising, you can let the aches and pains melt away through our water massage therapy chairs, bubbling hot tub, or relaxing dry sauna.

Through a combination of our services, you can find better health right here. ​

Athletic Club Hours



Monday - Friday

5:30 AM - 9:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday

8:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Pool Hours



Monday - Friday

7:00 AM - 8:30 PM

Saturday & Sunday

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Tennis Club Hours



Monday - Friday

5:30 AM - 9:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday

8:00 am - 5:30 pm

Meet the Team

Our tennis facility is proud to have such exceptional staff to support it. Whether you are looking to improve your tennis skills or need help with your membership, our ​team is here for you. ​We are all excited to meet you!


Drake is the owner and operator of STAC. Originally from Centralia, he moved to Olympia 36 years ago and set down roots. He and his family were lifelong tennis players and had a dream of opening their own club. Today, that dream has expanded and allowed him to see other people in the community connecting and enjoying the sport he loves.

Drake likes to spend his free time playing tennis with friends. He also enjoys biking around town and out in nature.

General Manager

Paco oversees all project management for the athletic club, and keeps things running smoothly for our team and our members. He is originally from Granada, Spain and currently lives in Olympia with his wife and son. For Paco, being at STAC has made it easy to develop wonderful connections and friendships with the members of the local community.

Paco enjoys spending quality family time with his wife and son. His immediate and extended family still live in Spain, but they stay connected as much as possible. In his free time, Paco likes to play tennis at the club.

Athletic Director

Heather is deeply committed to helping people achieve greater health and wellness in their lives through fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness. She grew up in San Diego, CA before moving to Olympia in 2013. She joined our team in September of 2021 and loves the holistic approach STAC has to health and fitness and is excited to bring her enthusiasm and energy to the club.

Heather is vegan and enjoys cooking healthy meals, especially ones that go with fresh-cut watermelon. She spends her free time with her dog Archer and boyfriend Danny. Together they enjoy skateboarding, painting, playing games, and creating their own music. Heather is also a freelance writer for ThurstonTalk and our very own STAC Blog.

Credentials: ISSA Personal Trainer Certification (2019) ISSA Nutrition Certification (2020), ISSA Corrective Exercise Certification (2020), TRX Certification (2021), Bachelor’s of Exercise Science (2021)

Wellness Manager

Jacquelyn is originally from Southern California and moved to Olympia, where she has transitioned into the health and fitness industry. As a yoga instructor since 2015, Jacquelyn is looking forward to combining her experience with personal training, nutrition coaching, and more. With a background in customer service and administrative duties, she is eager to support the club in a multitude of ways to help support health and fitness for all. 

Jacquelyn likes to stay active in her free time with yoga, mountaineering, and gardening. Being outside is important to her, and she especially loves the mix of saltwater and freshwater around  the Pacific Northwest. Her favorite healthy snack is apples with almond butter. 

Credentials: Certified Yoga Teacher (RYA), Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach, B.A. Sociology 

Tennis & Youth Services Manager

Tessa has been in the fitness industry for over a decade and has supported youth and tennis programming all along the way. As part of the STAC team, she is excited to meet new people and reconnect with some familiar faces in the community. She loves helping people and is especially passionate about building a fun, creative space for kids. 

Tessa has lived her entire life in Shelton and loves the beauty of Washington. She likes to stay active in her free time by walking, riding her bike, and working on new DIY projects. Tessa is a bookworm and music enthusiast, especially when it comes to 80’s music. Her favorite snack is rice cakes with peanut butter.

Aquatics Manager

Joyce is passionate about aquatics and loves being part of an active community. As a seasoned lifeguard, swim instructor, and aquatics leader, she is eager to build the STAC programming to help improve the health and wellbeing of all members. She cannot wait to bring fun, engaging swim skills to every age.

Joyce is originally from Massachusetts and now lives in Olympia with her spouse, who is a major in the military. She stays active with swimming and gardening, and enjoys taking in the scenic mountain views across the Pacific Northwest. Her favorite healthy snack is blueberries.

Member Services Manager

Natasha is eager to bring an exceptional experience to every member. Originally from Salem, OR, she relocated to Olympia in 2019 and is happy to be part of the STAC team. She loves the strong sense of community and positive environment here.

As the oldest sibling of 4, she often returns home to spend time with her family. She loves to hike, swim, and play basketball and is grateful for all of the recreational outdoor activities. In her free time she enjoys reading historical fiction as well as sharpening her skills in the kitchen. Her favorite snack is oven roasted zucchini fries.

Head Pro

Eric is passionate about supporting tennis players of all levels improve their abilities and become more confident on the court. He is originally from Murtaugh, ID and relocated from New York City after serving 8 years as the Men’s Head Tennis Coach for Hunter College. As a part of the STAC team,  Eric loves the endless opportunity to enjoy, learn, and compete in tennis and pickleball to find health and happiness in life.

​He and his wife Suzanne have three children, a 4-year-old named Oslo and 2-year-old twins Mae and Moses. Eric enjoys hiking with his family in the beautiful great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest, as well as playing basketball and disc golf.

Credentials: USPTA Certification (2010), Fort Greene Open Doubles Champion (2016), CUNY Men’s Tennis Coach of the Year (2009 & 2016)

Head Trainer

Originally from Rocky Ford, Colorado, Sabryna recently moved to Olympia and is excited to be part of a new club. She is looking forward to meeting new members, building relationships, and helping people achieve their goals. With several years of fitness coaching experience, Sabryna has adopted a love of strength and conditioning training as well as mobility and functional movement. She is eager to work with a range of individuals to support better health and fitness. 

Sabryna and her husband have a 6-year old daughter who they adore. When she isn’t spending time with her family, she is weightlifting or rock climbing to stay active. As a newcomer to Washington, she is really loving the mossy trees! Her favorite snacks are fruit, specifically watermelon and pomegranates.

Head Lifeguard

Aaron loves to help people and is grateful to be part of a new club to promote health and fitness. Getting to build relationships in a great environment makes him feel great, and is looking forward to keeping people safe everyday. Aaron is also a trained Lifeguard Instructor and is eager to help others learn essential lifeguarding skills to further their own careers. 

During his free time, Aaron enjoys exercising and is working to further himself in the fitness industry. He enjoys hanging out with his friends and loves to laugh and joke with people. As a lifelong Washingtonian and prior Seattle resident, Aaron is loving the trees and scenery in Olympia. His favorite snack is vanilla-flavored protein shakes.

Tournament Director

Claire has lived in Olympia her entire life and grew up playing tennis in high school and right here at the club when it opened. She returned after completing her degree and is thrilled to be leading the tournaments at STAC. Her passion for people and love of the game brings an exceptional energy and positive environment to our local competitive community. Claire cannot wait to foster a love of tennis in players of all ages! 

Claire is also a teacher for North Thurston Public Schools and loves to help kids learn and grow. In her free time, Claire is an avid tennis player and classically trained violinist. Her favorite healthy snack is Clif Bars.

Account Executive

Steve has been an active part of the STAC community with his kids, and was eager to find ways to further be involved with the club. As a people-person and sports enthusiast, Steve is looking forward to developing new relationships within the community and supporting health and fitness along the way. 

Steve is originally from Central Pennsylvania and now resides in Steamboat Island with his wife, 2 kids, and 2 dogs. He loves playing golf and enjoys the summer months in Washington the most. His favorite healthy snack is almonds.

Tennis Pro

Mace has been teaching tennis for over 30 years and loves to help players of all levels improve their skills on the court. He is originally from Long Island, NY and has been living in Olympia for over 35 years. Mace loves teaching beginner and intermediate players of all ages, and is always excited when a new student finally succeeds and hits that perfect shot. He has been with STAC since it opened and has enjoyed seeing the club grow, change, and adapt as our members learn new skills and experience all of our classes.

Mace has traveled all over the world and has quite a resume of places he has lived and visited. Whether it is traveling by train, plane, motorcycle, or just “glamping,” around Washington state, Mace is up for it. He also loves to play ping pong, and if you do too, maybe one day we can get a ping pong group going at STAC.

Tennis Pro

John has been teaching tennis for almost 40 years and has loved almost every minute of it. He is originally from Polson, Montana and currently lives in Lacey. He has been with STAC since it opened in 2015, and has really enjoyed being part of the growth and changes. For him, it is so fulfilling to see his students improve, all while making tennis fun and continuing to learn to do it better every day.

John and his wife Cheri have two kids, a daughter Amanda who is at UW and a son Michael who is at PLU. They also have a loving dog named Sassy. John loves the summers in Washington and enjoys getting out to play golf when the weather permits. He also likes to play cards and has started to fall for pickleball, which keeps him busy during those colder months.

Cycling Instructor

Monica relocated from California to Lacey and recently broke into the fitness industry. She has loved getting to connect with new people and support their health and fitness goals in a motivating environment. Monica loves the family atmosphere at STAC and is eager to grow and build a community here. 

Monica has 2 dogs and loves to spend time outside walking them. She likes to stay active by hiking the Cascade Mountains or paddleboarding. finds life in Washington gives her plenty of opportunities to get outdoors, though she does love to travel to new places when she can. Her favorite healthy snack is apples with peanut butter.

Fitness Instructor

MiRon has long loved the world of health and fitness, and has spent years as a fitness instructor. She loves to dance and has been certified in Zumba for many years, and is now branching into water aerobics and expanding her functional fitness training. For MiRon, STAC is much more than a gym and she is eager to be an integral part of the fitness experience at the club. 

MiRon and her husband have 3 girls and 4 chickens, who she loves to spend time with. Outside of family time, MiRon enjoys lifting weights, hiking, and camping, especially because of the beautiful Washington trees. Her favorite snack is cinnamon Tasty Pastry because it has 20 grams of protein!

Yoga Instructor

Adora is one of the friendly faces on our Group Fitness team. She is originally from Olympia and recently moved back after living in San Francisco, CA. Adora loves learning how to play tennis with the pros and has enjoyed the large community of recreational players, clinics, and classes that STAC has to offer. Now as a certified yoga instructor, she is looking forward to bringing zen, balance, and strength to our members.

Adora likes to keep busy by playing tennis, doing yoga, and taking long walks out in nature. To her, the rain is one of the most refreshing parts of life in the Pacific Northwest. She spends free time with family and enjoys hobbies such as arranging floral designs and writing spoken word poetry.

Fitness Instructor

Charity brings an upbeat and positive energy to fitness and is eager to provide workouts that are both fun and challenging. As a longtime Shelton resident, she loves being able to support her local community in achieving greater health and wellness. She has been working in the fitness industry teaching a variety of group fitness classes and has really found her stride in high-intensity interval training. 

Charity loves to stay active in her free time with hiking and walking, especially in the beautiful outdoors of the Pacific Northwest. When she isn’t spending time with her family, she enjoys reading. Her favorite healthy snack is apples with peanut butter.

Cycling Instructor & Golf Range Assistant

Rhonda is eager to meet new faces around the club and support our members with whatever they need! She grew up in Montana on a farm and moved to Olympia in 2017. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to get involved in the health and fitness industry, and often spends time on the courts hitting with her sons.

On the side, Rhonda raises goats on her property for sale for meat, milk, and show. She loves to stay active, from biking and hiking to kayaking. She is an avid reader and spends time reading fiction books from many genres.

Floor Trainer

Noelle loves to help people and is happy to be part of the healthy and family-friendly fitness environment here at STAC. She is originally from Bemidji, Minnesota, and currently lives between Shelton and Olympia. As a floor trainer, she is ready to help support everyone achieve their health and fitness goals at the club. 

Noelle and her husband have 2 kids and a family of pets, including 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 hermit crabs, and 2 parakeets. She loves to stay active outdoors with extreme sports, especially snowboarding and scuba diving. As a military family, Noelle has experienced many great places and adores the outdoor wonderland of Washington. Her favorite healthy snack is root vegetables.

Member Service Associate

Devry has lived in Olympia for much of her life and is now in Lacey. She is super excited to be a part of this community to be around tennis and meet new people. As one of the friendly faces at the Front Desk, she is always ready to help with a smile. 

Devry has 2 dogs and loves to be out hiking or inside painting during her free time. She also enjoys being with her friends and going to music festivals as a group. For her, the best part of living in Washington is the distinct 4 seasons. Her favorite snack is dates with nut butter.

Member Service Associate

Randy joined STAC upon relocating to the Pacific Northwest after decades of working in sunny Southern California. As a newcomer to tennis, he has found a great community and love of the sport and is eager to continue building his own skills on the court. Randy is passionate about people and looks forward to contributing to the STAC culture through exceptional service and teamwork. 

Since moving to Washington, Randy has fallen in love with the beautiful nature. In addition to playing tennis, he loves kayaking and is eager to explore the Sound and beyond.

Member Service Associate

Kym was born and raised in Olympia and recently moved back after living in Portland. She is excited to be around people and support movement and activity to help people stay healthy. As a member of our Front Desk team, Kym is eager to help people of all backgrounds and needs feel welcome in this new space. 

Kym is also a hair stylist and is looking forward to expanding her artistry in hair design after settling in back after her move. She loves to stay busy with dance, collage art, and tarot card reading. After living in Central California and Nevada, Kym still loves the beauty of Washington best and returned for the fresh air and water quality. Her favorite snack is mangos and avocados.

Member Service Associate

Hannah is happy to be part of the STAC community as a longtime Olympian. She really enjoys the people at the club and looks forward to coming to work with such great coworkers. Hannah is also an avid tennis player, so you may see her out on the courts now and then. 

Hannah spends time with her parents and 2 brothers during her free time, and loves getting out to hike in nature. Being in Washington, she enjoys the outdoors and scenery surrounding Olympia. Her favorite healthy food is salad.

Member Service Associate

Beka is passionate about helping others and seeks to provide a positive experience for everyone at the club. As a Steamboat Island resident, Beka loves to find ways to support her community and is a volunteer firefighter for the Griffin Fire Department. She knows STAC will be a great place to build bonds. 

Beka is originally from Elma and is enjoying living on Steamboat Island. She likes to stay active by playing soccer and hiking in the summer. Her favorite snack is yogurt with granola.

Member Service Associate

Sienna was born and raised in Olympia and was an avid tennis player at STAC before joining our team. She has loved being a part of this environment because of the kind and friendly people, and is eager to welcome newcomers and familiar faces alike. Whether you see her out on the courts or at the Front Desk, she always greets you with a smile.

Sienna has a twin sister and loves her 3 dogs. She loves playing with them and likes to stay active with tennis, volleyball, and paddleboarding when the weather is nice. For Sienna, the weather and beautiful sunsets are unbeatable in Washington. Her favorite healthy snack is strawberries.

Member Service Associate

Johnny has been a longtime member of STAC and plays competitively at his high school. One of the best and brightest on his team, Johnny has loved having the opportunity to play with intermediate and advanced players at the club to continue to improve his game. He jumped at the opportunity to get more involved in the club and now strives to provide a great experience to all of our members. 

Johnny spends most of his free time playing tennis! STAC is one of his favorite places to be. When he isn’t on the courts, he is spending time with his family and his 3 dogs.

Club Janitor

Missy currently lives in North River, Washington, and is happy to make the trek to be part of the STAC team and community. With decades of janitorial and customer service experience, Missy is eager to use her skills to build new relationships and maintain a pristine environment for members and staff alike. For Missy, STAC is a great space to be because of all of the potential and opportunity that awaits.

Missy and her husband have 3 adult sons and many pets, including a bear dog, a vizsla, 4 cats, chickens, and ducks. She loves the endless outdoor opportunities and wildlife of Washington, and often spends her free time hiking, road tripping, or looking for the next outdoor adventure, preferably in the mountains. Her favorite snack is cherry tomatoes and cucumbers.

Club Janitor

Dante is committed to creating a positive environment for members and is thrilled to be part of the STAC team. For him, it is a joy to have a space to come to that aligns with his passion for service and people. Dante relocated from Florida to Olympia and feels right at home in the Pacific Northwest. He greatly appreciates the work/life balance so he can pursue his Master’s Degree in education.

Dante and his husband have 2 cats and are both loving the new environment in Washington. He likes to stay active by tossing and swimming, and is passionate about singing and talk shows. His favorite snack is pomegranates.

Club Janitor

Kate is a lifelong Olympian and was eager to get involved with the STAC community. She loves being part of a community that supports wellness and is looking forward to meeting new people. For her, keeping a clean space for people to enjoy is rewarding and calming. 

Kate and her husband have 3 kids and 2 kittens, who she loves to stay busy with. She enjoys staying active with swimming and foraging, and is also a passionate artist and activist. She cares deeply about her community, friends, and family.


Thomas has spent many years as a lifeguard and loves being of service to his community. As part of the STAC team, Thomas is enjoying the new facilities and great coworkers here at the club. He is really looking forward to connecting more with the members and building new connections. 


Thomas recently relocated from Portland to Olympia and is looking forward to getting involved in the local music scene. When he isn’t playing and recording music, he enjoys staying active with rowing and spending time with his 2 dogs. His favorite healthy snack to eat is fruit.


Bo has been a lifelong Olympian and spent much of his career working in the local oyster industry. With a passion for fitness, he is eager to embark on a new adventure as part of the STAC team. Bo loves meeting the members and being part of the community experience at the club. 

Bo and his wife have a daughter and dog, and love having quality family time together. He stays active at the gym and loves getting outdoors for running, hiking, and skiing. Bo also has an affinity for video production and editing, though he does make time to get outside when those beautiful summers return. His favorite snack is Clif Bars.


Eden has spent her entire life in Olympia and is very happy to be part of the STAC team. She loves the friendly community and looks forward to keeping a welcoming environment for swimmers and other club members. 

Eden likes to stay active with hiking and wakeboarding, as well as with her dog. As a lifelong Washington resident, she has grown quite fond of the scenery and views of nature. Her favorite healthy snack is a bowl of fruit, specifically strawberries.


Luke has lived in Olympia his entire life and is eager to work at STAC to be part of the friendly, welcoming atmosphere. As a lifeguard, Luke strives to help people have fun and stay safe at the same time while swimming. 

Luke is a dedicated athlete and especially loves playing baseball. He is newer to tennis but already found success with his high school tennis team. When he isn’t playing sports, Luke likes to spend time with his friends. His favorite healthy snack is rice cakes with peanut butter.

Play Pal

Sydney loves working with kids and is eager to contribute to the friendly and welcoming environment here at STAC. As the proud mother of 2 kids, she is passionate about creating a happy space for kids to play and learn. She is eager to build friendships and connections with families in the community and support their child care needs at the club. 

Sydney is originally from Marysville and resides in Olympia with her family. She loves to stay active with swimming and enjoys motorcycle rides when the weather permits. As a lover of Washington’s natural landscapes, Sydney likes to be able to get out to take in the local sights. Her favorite healthy snack is apples.

Play Pal

Ellie has grown up in the Steamboat Island community and is excited to be part of the island’s new club. She feels it is a great new space with a good environment and friendly people, and she can’t wait to create a fun place for kids to hang out while their parents get in a workout! 

Ellie is passionate about dance and is on a dance team. In her free time, she enjoys making bracelets and spending time with her family, including her 2 dogs and cat. As a longtime Washington resident, she looks forward to summertime when the trees are green and she can hit the beach. Ellie’s favorite snack is rice cakes with peanut butter.

Play Pal

Grace has lived in Olympia her entire life, where she has spent much of her time caring for kids. As a part of the STAC team, Grace is excited to meet new people and give families options to get together at the club. She loves playing games with kids and helping them learn and grow. 

In her free time, Grace stays busy with tennis and volleyball, so you may see her out on the courts too! She takes advantage of good weather to swim in the Wynoochee River and to go camping, and appreciates Washington’s nature scene. Her favorite healthy snack is carrots.

Tournament Assistant

William is thrilled to have a fitness center out here on Steamboat Island. He recently relocated from the Bay Area in California and is looking forward to building new connections here. As a Tournament Assistant, William is eager to create a positive experience for all competitors and make new friends along the way. He used to play tennis and is happy to have the chance to be around this exciting sport once more. 

In his free time, William stays active with water aerobics and a virtual reality fitness program called Beat Saber. As a transplant from California, he is really loving the nature and greenery of beautiful Washington and likes to spend rainy days reading sci-fi and fantasy novels. William also enjoys cooking and loves food, with almonds and carrot sticks as one of his favorite healthy snacks.

Tournament Assistant

Pamela was one of the first ones in the door when we opened the athletic club, and she was ready to join us to contribute to a safe and healthy environment. As part of our Tournament team, Pamela is looking forward to creating a fun and friendly experience for local players. 

Pamela originally hails from Lacey and currently lives in Olympia with her 3 kids and 4 dogs, one of which weighs 220 pounds! As an active mom, she spends a lot of her free time volunteering for her kids’ schools. Pamela loves hiking and taking in the beautiful mountain views throughout the Pacific Northwest. Her favorite snack is avocado.

Tournament Assistant

Kyeongrok is originally from South Korea and has been living in Tumwater for a few years. He has been an avid part of the STAC tennis community and was happy to join the Tournament team. As a competitive tennis player himself, he is looking forward to supporting fellow competitors throughout our events. 

In addition to playing tennis, Kyeongrok likes to stay active with soccer. He is a big sports fan and often spends his free time watching sports on TV. When summertime hits, Kyeongrok always takes advantage of the great weather and soaks up the sunshine.

Tournament Assistant

Bruce spent his entire working life in the fitness industry, specifically with racquet sports. He has been looking for ways to stay active and gladly came out of retirement to join our Tournament team. As a local Steamboat Island resident, Bruce is so happy to get to be part of his local community in new ways. 

Bruce spends his free time with his wife Lezly and stays active. He walks and bikes around Steamboat Island almost every day for miles and is passionate about his health.


We are currently expanding our team in preparation for the opening of our brand-new athletic club. We are looking for friendly and reliable people who are passionate about creating community and have a love of fitness. If you are looking for a job and live in Olympia and surrounding areas, please check the requirements and application process below!

  • Massage Therapist
  • Pickleball Pro
  • Swim Instructor


  • 16 years of age or older
  • High school diploma or GED (or in pursuit)
  • Valid driver’s license and a reliable vehicle
  • CPR Certification or willing to obtain upon hire
  • Non-smoking lifestyle
  • Familiarity with computers and basic word processing programs
  • Applicable certifications as required
  • A minimum of 2 days of availability, with the possibility of some weekend hours depending on the position


To be considered for employment with STAC, please email Heather at heather@staclife.com with your resume and two professional references. Cover letters are encouraged but not required.


We are always looking for exceptional people to join our team! While we are not actively hiring for these roles, we are always open to receiving applications and letters of interest for any of our departments. If you feel you would be a good fit for one of the positions below, please follow the application steps above!

  • Tennis Pro
  • Personal Trainer
  • Group Fitness Instructor
  • Member Service Associate
  • Cafe Associate
  • Lifeguard
  • Play Pal
  • Maintenance Specialist