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Take Your Fitness to the Next Level

A group fitness class is one of the best ways to get pumped about exercise and mix up your workout routine. We provide a range of challenging and enjoyable classes that beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike can enjoy. All of our classes are taught by experienced, motivational instructors that will encourage you and help push you toward your goals. Classes coming soon!









3PEAT / 6:00am

Climb | 6:00am

3PEAT / 6:00am

Climb | 6:00am

Splash | 8:00am

Climb | 8:05am

Sculpt Yoga | 9:00am

Lift | 9:00am

Functional Fit. / 9:00am

Chair Yoga | 9:00am

Lift | 9:00am

H2GO | 10:00am

Gentle Yoga | 10:00am

H2GO | 10:00am

Flow Yoga / 10:00am

H2GO | 10:00am

Gentle Yoga | 10:00am

Water Weights | 11:00am

Water Weights | 11:00am

Water Weights | 11:00am

Tai Chi | 12:00pm

Splash | 12:00pm

Climb | 5:30pm

PWR CIRCUIT | 5:30pm

Climb | 5:30pm

PWR CIRCUIT | 5:30pm

Gentle Yoga | 6:30pm

Flow Yoga | 6:30pm


GENTLE YOGA (50 minutes)

Gentle yoga is combines exercise with relaxation. Featuring beginner postures and poses found in both traditional and modern yoga styles, this class is a great starting point for new yogis to improve flexibility and balance.

FLOW YOGA (50 minutes)

Flow Yoga combines the energizing power of vinyasa yoga with the restorative benefits of yin yoga. In this class, you'll build heat through flowing movements in the first half and then ease into deep stretches and longer holds in the second half, leaving you feeling balanced and renewed.

SCULPT YOGA (50 minutes)

Transform Yoga combines BASI Pilates and Yoga exercises for a full body, low impact workout by utilizing floor work, body weight and props for strength, alignment and mobility. This class is a great starting point for those new or returning to pilates or looking to support core strength.


3PEAT (50 minutes)

3PEAT is a high-intensity interval training class that cycles 3 rounds of various exercises. Challenge your upper and lower body in this full-body workout that combines strength, cardio, and endurance all in one fun, energizing class!

RISE (50 minutes)

Rise is a cardio-intensive workout that uses the step to challenge your lower body. Coupled with high-energy music, this energizing routine keeps you moving and grooving while burning calories and building muscle.


Functional Fitness is focused on movements that support better daily living. This total body workout incorporates exercises for both the upper and lower body that will improve cardiovascular health, muscular strength, and flexibility.

LIFT (50 minutes)

Lift is a strength-training class focused on developing your upper and lower body. Using barbells, dumbells, and resistance bands, you can get a full body workout that challenges arms, shoulders, chest, core, and more.

GO 4 HIIT (50 minutes)

High-intensity interval training class that uses circuit style resistance and aerobic training to build functional endurance and strength to support running, hiking, biking, swimming or general fitness and weight loss.


CLIMB (50 minutes)

Climb is for riders looking to challenge their endurance, strength, and speed, all in less than an hour! You will mimic outdoor rides as you hit hills, flats, and sprints along the way.


H2 GO (50 minutes)

H2 GO is a full-body water group fitness class. Using the natural resistance of the water, this upbeat water aerobics class incorporates cardio and strength exercises to support functional fitness.

WATER WEIGHTS (25 minutes)

Water Weights is a strength-focused water group fitness class that works your upper body. Buoyancy equipment is used to create extra resistance in the water and build muscle through traditional and water-specific movements.

SPLASH (50 minutes)

Splash is a water group fitness class that combines cardio and strength training all in one full-body workout. By using bouyancy equipment and following exercises in the water, you can work on developing muscle, endurance, and aerobic capacity at the same time.