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Find the Right Food Lifestyle For You

Food is more than fuel. It connects us socially and emotionally. It brings us closer together through shared experiences. Treating food the way you treat gasoline for your car can disrupt your natural connection to food. It takes the joy out of food, and it is very difficult to do something unenjoyable for a few months, let alone forever. This is why fad diets often fail us, no matter how hard we try.

Our nutrition coaches understand the balance of food in our lives. They will work with you to build a nutrition plan that will keep you both happy and healthy. Through their guidance, you will learn about how food works in the body and find healthier ways to incorporate the foods you love into your diet. Lifestyle changes don’t happen overnight, which is why your nutrition coach will use small and manageable changes to support your success.

We are not currently booking nutrition coaching appointments, but will have this service available once we open the athletic club. Check back soon!

Single session




30 min